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CMIC Members

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The SEC initially launched the first two CMICs in Rajarata and Sabaragamuwa Universities in 2008 as pilot projects. This was done as a result of successful discussions held with the respective Finance and Management Faculties of the two Universities and thus obtaining their Senates’ approval to establish the CMIC s.

The pilot projects proved to be very successful. The CMIC provided quick and easy access to updated capital market information for student and other users of the facility in these two universities which were located away from the financial hub.

Therefore, the SEC went on to introduce CMICs to other National Universities who embraced this resource with much enthusiasm. The following Universities have joined hands with the SEC to host the CMIC for the benefit of their students and staff members.


Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
02 University of Jaffna
03 Vavuniya Campus, University of Jaffna
04 South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
05 University of Peradeniya
06 Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
07 Eastern University
08 Ruhunu University

Last Modified: October 3, 2018