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The Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) as the regulator of the Capital Market always strive to improve the financial literacy in the country as we firmly believe the creation of a knowledge-based, knowledge-led industry is pivotal for the sustainable development of the Capital Market.

In order to cater to the immensely challenging economic environment, we employ various knowledge building and awareness creating tools and techniques to reach out to the masses and specific target groups such as school children, teachers, undergraduates, professionals and the business community.

As a result of the close relationship SEC has with the Sri Lankan University System, a special project was launched in 2008 to establish Capital Market Information Centers (CMIC) at all National Universities in Sri Lanka.

The CMIC is expected to offer an e- learning environment through which capital market information, along with other educational online tools would be provided to students and staff members seeking to further their understanding of the capital market for research and academic purposes as well as to upgrade their knowledge in investing.

Last Modified: May 30, 2016